Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is it possible to expedite one-day voting elections?

In the past, one-day voting was the accepted cost-effective election process. Voters cast their ballot in their neighborhood's voting locations. Election results were counted, audited, and announced the same day.

The One-day voting narrative also opens the door to the discussion of having a public holiday activated on the day of the election.

We did it before electronic voting and we can do it again!

Is wifi and internet really needed to conduct an election?

The implementation of the internet and wifi connections to voting machines has not, as promised by our local and state elected officials, heightened voter confidence in the election process or escalated voter turnout.

Hand marked and hand counted ballots, sequentially numbered on watermarked paper ballots, which are cast in neighborhood precincts with the audited election results announced the same day does, as it has in the past, heighten voter enthusiasm and participation.

I believe my vote counts when I vote! What's the problem?

The My Vote Counts in Texas petition is about removing any concerns, whether justified or not, that a voter may have regarding the election process. Motivating all registered Texas voters to cast their ballot with confidence for the candidates of their choice is what this petition for action is all about.

Returning to a simplistic, efficient, and cost-effective election process will go a long way in motivating registered voters to participate in the elections.

How do we know this is a non-partisan petition?

My vote counts in Texas is a registered 501(c)(4) grassroots organization.

Registered voters across the political spectrum are signing the My Vote Counts in Texas petition.

By signing this petition, elected officials will feel the weight of your opinion.

Let the voice of all Texans be heard.